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Venezuela: Enjoy All Climates in a Single Country

When we speak of Venezuela we refer to a Caribbean country, located in South America’s North. it is above Brasil, below the Caribbean Sea and between Colombia and Guyana, but did you know despite being fairly close to the equator and having a perpetual summer, Venezuela possesses all types of landscapes in its territory, which are: Dentist Airdrie


Venezuela is part of the Amazon, having more or less than 20% of its territory full of Amazon trees.


If being part of the Amazon isn’t enough, Venezuela is also part of the Andes mountains, having one of the oldest towns in Latin America.

Small Desserts

Venezuela has dunes, many of them in different locations of the country.


Venezuela has a lot of majestic beaches because is a Caribbean country, with islands of clear water and white sand.


Venezuela has plains, the lands where the Venezuelan folklore is stronger.

Venezuelan dishes are based most of them of corn and bananas, some of them are:


The breakfast of every Venezuelan every day, made of corn.


Made of fried green bananas, stuffed with meat and chicken,


Only made in December, it’s like a tamale, made of corn flour, meat, vegetables, wrapped in banana leaves.

Venezuela is a very interesting country, here are some interesting facts:

-Venezuela is the country with the highest number of beauty queens, with 6 Miss Universe, 5 Miss World, 6 Miss International, 9 Reina Hispanoamericana, 4 Miss Intercontinental and 147 beauty titles in other categories.

-Maracaibo lake: It is the largest lake in Latin America. Its bridge is the largest built in reinforced concrete worldwide.

-Mérida Cable Car: It is the highest and longest cable car in the world, with a maximum height of 4765 meters and a length of 12.5 kilometres.

-Angel Falls: Kerepakupai-merú in the native language, is the highest waterfall in the world, with 978 meters in height. This jump of the river Churún is located in the state of Bolivar.