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Aruba: Your perfect escape from winter

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December isn’t here and you’re already getting cold. You’re starting to think how will you escape those Sub-Zero temperatures that make you wish you and your family were in a hot relaxing beach instead, drinking a piña colada and hearing the sea’s breath under the sun and a couple of palm trees.

You’re lucky to know Aruba exists and it’s perfect for your escape this next holiday. You will be on a beautiful island that is part of the kingdom of the Netherlands in the Southern Caribbean Sea, where’s always summer. In December, the island’s buildings are covered with beautiful lights that’ll make you feel like home, and eat food with international influence, so you can have European or Caribbean meals, and if you like, local dishes.

Aruba has beautiful beaches waiting for you (most of them are public), with gleaming white sand and clear jade waters so you can have a very tropical experience, swimming, doing windsurf, diving or snorkelling. The best beaches to go are in the western and southern shores, which includes the following beaches:

Eagle Beach:

This is one of the most enticing of Aruba’s touristy strands. With restaurants, all over the lefl10 the beach and low-rise block apartments.


Palm Beach

Backed by high-rise hotels, is one of the most popular and tourist-packed beaches on the island.

Manchebo Beach

This beach offers a little more seclusion and fewer crowds than its more famous neighbouring beaches.



Arashi Beach

This is the last stretch of sand before California Lighthouse. With its calm waters and clear seas.


Baby Beach

The crescent-shaped slice of white sand curving around a turquoise lagoon. This is a great choice for families with small children due to the calm, shallow waters.




Boca Catalina

This beautiful beach is a popular snorkelling spot that graces the itinerary of most of the pleasure cruises.

Getting to Aruba isn’t hard. There are many flights in America that bring you directly to Aruba, so you can be there anytime you want and spend a great time to remember in this great island.